Headed for Montana Soon

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

After mostly just hanging out in Seattle in August we're bound for Montana shortly. Prime objectives on this loop?

1. Indulge Art's newfound enthusiasm for geology in general and for investigating a patented mining claim in which Jeanne has a 14.3% ownership. We expect to find the mine adit and shaft Jeanne's maternal grandfather dug early in the 20th century as well as evidence of more recent drilling and trenching by the current leaseholders.

2. Get reacquainted with Helena, MT where Jeanne's aunt Fern lived during and after her career as a USGS Geologist with a focus on the streams and waterways of the area.

3. Maybe swing up to Glacier National Park and even across the border to Canada's Waterton National Park.

4. Possibly go so far as Billings, where Art was born, or even Colstrip where he worked 1977-1979.

5. Cross Beartooth Pass from Bozeman down into the NE entrance of Yellowstone National Park - one of the greater vistas in the US Rockies.

Here's a link to a map for those interested in this upcoming trip. If you have suggestions for places to go, things to do, people to meet, please post your ideas here.

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