Meet Erratic!

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

We picked up our tiny home on wheels, made by Safari Condo, in Abbotsford, BC on May 21, 2018 after getting in the queue in February 2017. Our model is R1713, indicating it has a retractable roof, is 17' long overall, and has an outdoor, rather than an indoor shower. Key features for us were the vast amount of window space (over 70 square feet), the nearly king-sized bed, kitchen/bath/dinette and light weight - about 2400 pounds once loaded.

Our options include 200 watts of solar panels, a combination furnace/hot water heater, a big front window (which provides both light and super-ventilation when open), a 3.1 cubic foot refrigerator, a rear facing camera, a deluxe ceiling fan, a TV, and the astoundingly cool Caravan Mover. We also have a microwave oven and a heat pump which only work when we are connected to shore power.

The name - Erratic - was chosen both for its meaning of "without clear pattern or direction" and the less familiar geological term of something found in an unexpected place, such as a large granite boulder in a valley tens or hundreds of miles from any potential source. Glaciers often transport erratics and leave them behind; we hope to keep ours close by for quite some time.

From time to time we will post about our modifications that might be of interest to other Alto owners.

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