Our First Altogather

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Our first venture with Erratic was across the the longest undefended border in the world then east along the Crowsnest Highway, with overnight stops in ___, and Nelson before joining fellow Alto owners on the shore of Columbia Lake. The "Western Altogather" was a perfect opportunity for us to meet others who had chosen the Alto for their adventuring and see some trailer customization tricks and learn a few trailer tech tools.

Set on a edge of the underground source of the Columbia River, the campground was marvelous with beautiful grounds and great amenities. The thirteen other Altos included all but the very newest 21' long model, with folks from as far away as Michigan and Ontario.

We swapped stories about life before and after getting our Altos and shared dinners and laughs.

Several folks were headed next to Colorado for another Altogather in July, and a few were planning on then traveling back to Quebec for the grand-daddy of get-togethers at the Safari Condo factory a few weeks later. Our plans involved fewer miles, and less certainty.

Before we left we were treated to a spectacular double rainbow. Not that I had the camera nearby when that moment arrived, but...

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