Portugal Overview

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We arrived in Lisbon on Black Friday, checked into our 4th floor, 2 bedroom apartment 3.5km north of the city center, just 250m from the intersection of the green and red subway lines. Over the next 5 weeks this was our home as we explored Lisbon's many neighborhoods and made the occasional foray into nearby towns by bus or train. Mostly we walked. And walked. And climbed steps up and down again.

Lisbon (Lisboa) map

Lisbon, like San Francisco, Rome and even Seattle is built on 7 hills. And like San Francisco (but more so) it is densely built. The charming, ever-present red tile roofs cover apartment buildings with 4-10 floors over ground level retail. Nearly every block face has a small grocery, a cafe/pastry shop, and a restaurant of some sort, while every third block face has a pharmacy, butcher, dry cleaner, and barber.

Our weekly routine was to spend four days walking through the various neighborhoods, seeing the sights, spend one day resting, reading, and planning, then spend two days out of Lisbon. So we've covered Lisbon pretty thoroughly, but also visited Evora, Sintra, Belem, Cascais, Estoril, Mafra, and Ericeira.

Home is Lisbon, just north of the Alameda stop!

Here's a word salad of memories - cobblestones, plazas, pastries, Moorish castles, cathedrals, Roman ruins, fado singers, street art, architecture, dancing horses, dinosaur bones, rib bones, trombones, blues guitar, break dancers, trolley cars, cork forests, sour cherry liquor, black pork cheeks. Expect catch-up posts from us on various places and experiences.

We are leaving Lisboa tomorrow and heading north to visit Nazaré, Coimbra, the Duoro Valley, and Porto. We will be rejoining Barb and Erik who had 2 whirlwind days with us just after Christmas (and are delightful traveling companions). They will head south from Porto, about the same time as we head east to see Madrid and spend time in Andalucia.

We leave Spain the end of January to spend a month in Morocco - three weeks touring in a small group, then one week in a beachside villa just chillin' out.


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