Timely Intervals

It took awhile to figure out how often we like to stay in one place with Erratic before heading on down the road - at least when we are not focused on getting somewhere by a particular date. It isn't that packing up to move, or unloading and settling in takes a LONG time, but rather that staying for awhile somewhere gives us a sense of place.

We nearly always level and stabilize the trailer before raising the roof, set out a small table, chairs and grill. The site may or may not have any hookups, and we are dependent entirely on the trailer and its solar and water resources, and some have full power and water hook ups, sometimes even one for waste water. Sometimes there are showers available, and depending on their condition, proximity, cost, the weather and our activity level we may use those them or rig our own. We also have solar Luci lights, a shade canopy, hammocks, clotheslines, and whatever we bought yesterday, which we may or may not deploy.

Most often we go exploring locally with just Nomadic, our red KIA Sorento with which we pull Erratic. It is far more nimble in urban areas and on backroads - then return to our well-ordered comfy "home". Gas mileage is better of course without Erratic in tow, so three or four day trips of 15-150 miles before moving has become common. Errands like laundry and shopping, are sometimes done on the road, more often on a "rest and refit" day before packing up and moving on.

Nomadic towing Erratic in Banff National Park, Canada. Our vanity license plates, not perfect but good enough, are ERRATK and NOMADK. So look for us on the road!

And some days we just hang out together and talk and read and write and think and dream. And that is part of the interval between other times.


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